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Tough Topics: Local Parents Weigh In On Underage Drinking Part 3 in our Series on Teens and Substance Abuse

Tough Topics: Local Parents Weigh in on Underage Drinking

Last month, we talked to local teens about underage drinking. Now, we’ve turned to local parents to get their points of view. In collaboration with Baltimore’s Child, we also conducted a short online survey and some respondents agreed to be interviewed. Here’s what they had to say. Ninety-three percent of …

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Party Rituals: Drinking is Still Common Among Today’s Teens, and So is Marijuana Part 1 in a Series on Teens and Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol trends among teens and young adults today are both familiar and different. Today’s high schoolers, middle schoolers and college students continue to use mind-altering substances that appealed to previous generations: alcohol, opiates, marijuana and hallucinogens. But now, we can add to the list vaping and prescription drug abuse, among …

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