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  Show Info:

March 16-18, 2012

Dulles Expo Center

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You don’t have to answer all of these…

just pick and choose a few!

  • Whatdo you wish “experienced” moms would have told you about babiesbefore you had your first?

  • Whatcould moms of toddlers have warned you about before your kids reached the 2 tokindergarten phase?

  • Whatdo you wish you would have known before your kids hit those elementary years?

  • Whatshould moms of tweens be telling our friends with younger kids to make thetransition easier?

  • Whatbook or books would you recommend for new moms to help them through that firstyear with baby?

  • What’syour favorite book on parenting during those challenging toddler years?

  • Doyou have a favorite book about parenting during the elementary years?  Takethis chance to share it and help your fellow FAMILY friends with kids 6 – 10years old.

  • Isthere a book you found helpful when parenting your tweens?  If so, pleaseshare – we parents of tweens can use all the help we can find!


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