Study Tips for All Ages

Help your child get in the right Study Mood next time they sit down to work on homework with these tips!

  • Before you get started, sharpen pencils, make sure you have blank paper, scratch paper, ink pens and proper supplies.

  • Make sure that the study area has adequate lighting.

  • Get comfortable. Clothes that are ill-fitting will not enhance your study session. Wear something casual and loose fitting.

  • Find a quiet place to study and remove all possible distractions. Turn off the TV, iPod or MP# players, game systems, and radios.

  • Work in a clean “study space.” Scattered junk creates unnecessary distractions.

  • Let your cell phone and home phone ring through to voice mail until your study session is over. Chatting on the phone can waste lots of precious time.

  • Do your homework when you are well rested. Right after a nap or first thing in the morning is good because your mind will be alert and fresh. If you don’t have a choice, and you are really exhausted, and have to study anyway, take a ten minute break first and go running or walking briskly to get blood flowing through your body and to your brain.

  • Keep a drink of water at your work station so you don’t dehydrate while studying.

  • Avoid eating snacks and munchies while studying. Gum is okay if you need something to chew on without the calories and distraction of food, wrappers, heating food up, crumbs etc.

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  • Help get your child ready for success in school!
  • Take a study break and do a fun craft like decorating your backpack!
  • Try these tasty Dipper Treats as an after-school snack!

Tips adapted from Words of Wellness


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