Spice Up Your Dinner Routine with 8 Myles Sauces

Looking for a way to spice up your dinner routine? Then you need to check out 8 Myles sauces, a DC-based sauce company. I recently tried a variety of the 8 Myles sauces, and they most definitely added a surge of flavor to our dinnertime favorites.

8 Myles has an incredible line of gourmet sauces. With flavors like Raspberry BBQ, Pineapple Buffalo, & Mango Magic Buffalo, how can you go wrong? My family was eager to try these flavors, and they did not disappoint!

The mild Raspberry BBQ was the first sauce we tried, and was a perfect mixture of sweet and spicy. Pineapple Buffalo tasted amazing on fish, and was the perfect marriage of citrus and buffalo flavor. The Mango Magic topped our steaks and was a great blend of sweet and smoky. 

The sauces not only pack a flavorful punch, but they are gluten-free, made with real fruit, and no processed sugars. What 8 Myles does well is the fruity-spicy hybrid. The spices are incredibly versatile and add panache to most recipes. In addition to their creative sauces, they also offer spice rubs and a pineapple-buffalo beef jerky.

Myles Powell, founder of 8 Myles, has a background in civil engineering, but a deep passion for health-conscious foods. He began his sauce company in the spring of 2015 as a side project, but took a leap of faith and pursued 8 Myles fulltime. His long-term goal is to create eight tasty sauces.

Powell hopes to share his story and his sauces with everyone. He truly encourages everyone to embrace and appreciate their unique journey. 

For more information about what 8 Myles stands behind and the #EmbraceEveryMile movement, check out the #EmbraceEveryMile section of their site here.

Available at http://www.8myles.com

12 oz Jar for 7.99 or sold as a 3 pack for 20.99

Taste: 5

Ease of use/serving: 5

Nutritional Value: 5

Easy to use/prepare: 5

I would purchase this product: Yes

Overall rating: 5

All ratings on scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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