Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket: Children’s Book

Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket Is Relatable Tale


Any child who has ever loved a blanket will connect with this book!  Small Bunny does everything with his blanket, and believes that he need Blue Blanket to help him swing higher, paint better, and read well. 

One day Small Bunny’s mother decides that Blue Blanket needs to be washed.  Even though she claims it will only take a minute to wash the blanket, Small Bunny is very aware that it takes much longer.  Once clean Small Bunny works hard to get Blue Blanket back to how it was before.

The pictures in this book are simple and whimsical pencil drawings with blue watercolor highlights.  I particularly like Small Bunny’s cute squiggly tail.

My daughter is quite attached to her blanket, and so it was no surprise to me that she would choose this book.  She had an automatic connection with it.

The story is short and simple, but one to which many children can connect.  Washing the beloved blanket is no easy task around here!  I would have liked the author to make blanket washing seem like no big deal, but the author followed how most children view the process: long and arduous.  Small Bunny was not pleased about the blanket washing and counted every minute (all 107 of them) that passed while the blanket was washed.

Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket is a sweet and simple tale, prefect for any child who loves their blanket.

Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket

By Tatyana Feeney

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Easy to Read
Quality of Illustrations
Appealed to Both Boys and Girls  4
Kept My Children’s Interest  3
I Would Purchase This Product for My Family  yes
I Would Purchase This Product as a Gift  yes
Overall rating  4

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