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Sweet Dreams: Alarm Clock Trains Your Toddler to Sleep Better



The Kid’Sleep Classic is a combination nightlight/sleep trainer/alarm clock.  My biggest draw to this product was its claim to help children sleep longer and learn to stay in their beds until it’s time to get up.  My children are early risers, and often get up as soon as any daylight shines into their room (even around those light-blocking curtains!)  And because they are getting up so early, eager to start playing, they are often cranky and tired early in the day. Needless to say I was eager to try something that could improve our morning routine.   

My two and four year olds share a room so we used the Kid’Sleep Classic for them both.  The simple pictures are easy for any age child to understand.  When the bunny is sleeping, you need to stay in bed.  When the bunny wakes up, you can too!  The Kid’Sleep Classic comes in two colors: blue with a bunny character and pink with a cow.  The blue unit is very gender neutral, while the pink ballerina cow is decidedly girly.

The first few days with the Kid’Sleep Classic were a little rough since my children weren’t used to it yet and introducing anything into a bedtime routine takes a bit of adjusting.  One child complained about the light but honestly it wasn’t too bright at all (and there are three brightness settings). 

I programmed the bunny to go to sleep at 7pm.  If I need to get the kids down earlier than that I switch the setting to alarm clock and then back to sleep training and the bunny goes to sleep.  The saved wakeup time does not change.

After about four days my kids really were sleeping longer!  They now generally wake up about 10 minutes after the light switches to the “awake” bunny.  If they do wake up earlier they stay in their room.  Hallelujah!  The Kid’Sleep Classic has worked for us! I love knowing what time they will be coming out of their room in the morning.  I can get up before them and get things done, or I can sleep until they wake up.  

Pros of the Kid’Sleep Classic:

  • You can set alarms (light or sound) for morning and naptimes.  We’ve only done the morning setting as naps aren’t a problem at our house.
  • When the bunny switches to the “awake” setting in the morning there is no noise unless you’ve set the alarm function.  This is wonderful because if a child is sleeping longer they are not awakened before they are ready.
  • The light has three brightness settings.
  • Because of its many functions (night light, sleep trainer and alarm clock) you can use the Kid’Sleep Classic for many years, from birth on.

Cons of the Kid’Sleep Classic:

  • There is no battery, so if the unit becomes unplugged you have to reset the alarms.
  • The disk with the animal picture is removable, but comes out easily from the unit.  We fixed ours into place with a little piece of tape.
  • The clock for setting the alarm times is very small and does not light up; you need to set up the alarms during the day or with the room light on.

Kid’Sleep Classic

Manufactured by Claessen’s Kids


 Durability  3
 Ease of Use  4
 I Would Purchase This for Myself/Child     yes
 I Would Purchase This As A Gift  yes
 Overall Rating  4

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

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