Skylar Luna Pajamas

Pajamas Offer Simple Style and Comfort

My four year old daughter recently reviewed the Skylar Luna purple striped long sleeved pajamas.  The pajamas were packaged in a really cute reusable linen bag.  Cute idea!  I love when products are packaged in something that can be recycled or used for another purpose. The bag also wraps them up nicely for gift-giving.

Skylar Luna is a new brand of eco-friendly sleepwear. Their products are made of 100% organic cotton and are very soft, but also proved to be durable.  We washed our pair 3 times and they still look like new.  They did not stretch or change sizes after washing.  

My daughter loved her Skylar Luna pajamas so much that she didn’t want to get dressed in the morning!  They were very comfortable and the seams were soft.  Since the material is thin, these pajamas would make a great layer for a day of skiing or outdoor play on a very cold day. They are warm without being too heavy or bulky.

This sleepwear is meant to be very tightfitting.  My daughter wears a 5 in her regular clothing, and the 5T purple striped pajamas fit her perfectly. We have bought many pairs of pajamas that were uncomfortable for one reason or another and this was not the case with these.  

The patterns of the Skylar Luna line contain simple colors, stripes and designs.  You will not find any characters here.  The clothing designer behind these pajamas, Wen C. Reese, comes from a long line of textile and apparel entrepreneurs.  The Skylar Luna brand is produced in the family’s factory.  

I would buy these for my daughter or give them as a gift, but with a $39 price tag they are a bit more than I usually would spend. But if you want to buy a really special gift, and you do not know what to buy, check out the Skylar Luna website. Your recipient will not be disappointed.


Skylar Luna Pajamas

Price: $39

 Durability 5
 Ease of Use  5
 Comfort  5
 I Would Purchase This for My Child
 I would Purchase This as a Gift  no*

 All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

* Based on the price.

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