6 Self-Care Apps You Need Right Now

6 Self-Care Apps You Need During the Coronavirus Crisis

Nowadays, there are hundreds of phone apps available to teach you the basics of self-care. With so much technology at our disposal, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are six self-care apps that offer various types of meditations and mindfulness exercises so you can find some moments of calm during this stressful coronavirus crisis.

1. Calm

With more than 100 guided meditations ranging in length, Calm can help you relax, focus, practice gratitude and quell your nerves. Tune into exclusive music tracks and listen to Sleep Stories to help you fall asleep at night. More detailed programs, at an extra cost, cover essential topics, including adopting healthy sleep habits, tips to stop emotional eating and lessons on how to create a loving, nurturing relationship with oneself.

What does it cost? The initial 1-week trial is free, then $15/month, $60/year or $400/lifetime subscriptions

2. Headspace

Launched in 2012 by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, Headspace offers guided meditations with simple how-to instructions, including breathing and body-awareness exercises. The app offers a variety of courses, perfect for newbies, as well as stories and music to help you sleep, exercises to get you moving and short meditations for those who need a quick boost to finish the day strong.

What does it cost? $13/month includes the first seven days for free; $70/year includes first two weeks for free. During the coronavirus pandemic, Headspace is offering a collection of meditations, called “Weathering the Storm,” for free on its website and app.

3. Shine 

This app provides a daily dose of motivation and meditation through self-care strategies and encouraging audio messages. Shine has more than 500 original meditations, bedtime stories and ambient music to help you de-stress, lower anxiety and create an overall sense of calm plus an active community for ongoing support.

What does it cost: Following a free 7-day trial, subscriptions are $12/month or $54/year

4. Happify

This app is all about reducing stress and helping users manage negative thoughts. Whether it’s a grueling work schedule or just having a rough week emotionally, Happify can help improve your emotional well-being and promote positive thinking through science-based games and activities.

What does it cost? Free or $15 /month, $140/year and $450/lifetime for Happify Plus.

5. Sanvello

A tailored online tool to help combat stress, anxiety and depression, Sanvello lets you track your mood, meditate and engage in psychologist-designed cognitive-behavioral therapy activities. Audio exercises include deep breathing and soothing soundscapes. There is also a chance to connect with other users through its peer-support community.

What does it cost? Free. Premium access is available for $9/month or $54/year and may be covered completely by your health insurance provider. To help provide “calm, insight and connection” during this crisis, premium access to Sanvello is now free.

6. Day One Journal

Journaling can improve one’s mood and provide a greater sense of overall emotional stability and happiness. Day One Journal offers daily prompts that you can answer with words, photos, videos, drawings or audio recordings to really bring your entries to life.

What does it cost? Free or $36/year for premium features (with free 7 day trial)

A version of this story appeared on our sister site, Baltimore’s Child.

Photo by rakhmat suwandi on Unsplash


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