Seashell Crafts

Keep your beach vacation close to the heart with these fun seashell crafts for your whole family!

Spelling Fun

Spelling flash cards areSO last season. This summer, try something new. With all the shells you collectfrom your family vacation, paint letters of the alphabet on each one. Then,have your child use them to spell out words. See, summer learning can be fun!


Candle Frame from MarthaStewart

First, clean the shellsin a weak solution of bleach and water, and let dry. Melt paraffin wax or existingcandles in the top of a double boiler (use one with a lip, if possible; it willbe easier to pour from). We mixed the melted wax of pink, mauve, and yellowcandles to create coral tones that complement our shells.

If a shell has a tendencyto wobble, stabilize it by resting it on top of a cup. Cut the wicking to 2 to3 inches, and attach it to a metal wick holder; set aside. 

Pour the melted wax intothe shell, then place the wick and holder in the bottom of the shell, beingcareful not to burn your fingers. If wick droops, trim slightly. Let cool untilhardened, about 30 minutes. 

And be careful: The toplayer of the wax hardens first, but the melted wax underneath will spill out ifthe candle is moved before it has had a chance to cool completely.

Sea Shell Frame

This one’s an oldie-but-goodie (and super inexpensive!) All you need is awooden frame (they even sell some at the dollar store!), acrylic glue, and acreative mind. Glue and decorate away to your heart’s content!

Sea Shell Lights from MarthaStewart

A string of beach treasures casts a dreamy glow on a patioor porch. Decorate a string of small white lights with clean, dry shells. Tapea 2-foot section of lights to your work surface with bulbs lying flat. Apply athin layer of epoxy along the hinge edge of a shell, and press into place atthe base of a light. Repeat for each bulb. Let dry about five minutes beforecontinuing with the next section.

Sea Shell Ornament

Thinking of Christmas will help cool you off in thisdreadful heat. Use some of your favorite shells and keep them forever as your Christmastree ornaments! Just choose ribbon, tie a loop and glue the loop together. Thendo the same to the opposite side and glue that to the shell. Ta-da! Just think- in December, you can warm up by remembering your seashell memories.

Looking for more great crafts? Try making chalk!

Too hot to think about crafts? Here are some ways to cool off this summer.

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