Santa Is Calling

Santa is Calling!


It’s that time of year again!  He can be spotted all over town, in the malls, in parades and on television commercials.  Christmas Eve is quickly approaching and Santa sure is busy.  But, he is not too busy to put in a few phone calls to some special children out there!  If you have toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary aged children, Santa is Calling is a service you may enjoy.

A visit to the website will offer you audio samples as well as video.  Here, you can sample this service to see if it may be exciting for your child.  With two messages to choose from, there can be variety if you are ordering this service for more than one child. You can personalize the call with information like the child’s name, location, who requested the call be sent, or have Santa chat about what the child wants for Christmas!

This service retails for $7 per phone call.  As far as price per value goes, this is a little overpriced.  A $5 price point would be right on, especially for families trying to purchase this service for multiple children.  The phone call is generally very short, lasting right around one minute.  The memory of a phone call from Santa, of course, lasts much longer.  The authentic and quality of Santa’s voice are very realistic and specific.  For example, if you choose the “be nice” option for a child that has been talking back too much, Santa will talk about that and remind the child to be good!  When talking about what is on their Christmas wish list, Santa will very specifically know in detail what the child has requested.  There won’t be any, “That was just Grandpa” comments after this call!

Some things to remember if you choose to use this service for your children this holiday season, your email confirming the time of the call will be listed in GMT, Greenwich Mean Time.  Schedule your call based on the time zone you want or live in, for example EST, and the call will come through as you schedule.  The only problem we ran into during this review is when scheduling this for two children, the calls were requested 5 minutes apart.  However, the calls came at the exact same time.  This meant that one child’s call went straight to voice mail.  If ordering this call for more than one child, perhaps scheduling on different days or with a larger time gap between the calls, this could be avoided.

 •    Appealed to my children                    5

•    Appealed to both boys and girls                5

•    Held the interest of children                5

•    Ease of ordering the service                5

•    Website user friendly and informative            5

•    Quality of the service                    5

•    I would purchase this for my family            yes

•    I would purchase this as a gift                yes

•    Overall rating                            5


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