Safe in the Sun Tips

Staysafe in the summer heat with this tips!

  • Takefrequent breaks from the sun by going indoors or moving into theshade. Remember, the sun is strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM.

  • Reapplysunscreen at least every two hours and especially after jumps in thepool or sweating.

  • Applysunscreen in the forgotten places like the tops of your ears, theback of your neck, the part in your hair, your face, and the tops ofyour feet.

  • ALWAYSwear sunglasses in the bright sun. Make sure they have a label sayingthat they block UV rays.

  • Throwon a straw hat to follow this season’s latest trend, protect yourface from the fun, and look super cute while doing it!

  • Bewary of heat exhaustion. Your child may feel overheated, tired, andweak. It could cause kids to faint while playing outside. Be sure totell your kids to let you know if they feel too hot, are nauseatedand have a headache.

  • Alsobe wary of a heat stroke. The signs are that your child could becomeuncoordinated, confused, or even lose consciousness. If you spot these symptoms, be sure to head to a doctor right away.

Here’s some tips from our Facebook fans:
“We only use organic naturalsunscreen on us and our 2 year old – paraban free. It works great!” -Jeannie
“Apply often and use a good amount. Youcan’t go wrong with too much sunscreen. On really hot days eitherstay indoors or find shaded activities.” -Erica
“Use Blue Lizzard or Burt’s Bees!” -Joanne
“I use 50 spf the Wegman’s brand. Theyhave a small size that I can slip into any purse or bag. I alwaysmake sure to get the spray kind because my daughter and I spray eachother and she is less annoyed about the process.” -Dana
“I love Alba Botanica … I have one forkids, one for facial, and one for me with organic lavander in it!” -Jenelle
“We also keep the sunscreen sticks forface in all of our swim bags and in the picnic basket that we keep inthe car. We alwaysuse sunglasses because eye protection is important and hats as well.There is never a compromise on those things, or it is no fun in thesun for us!” -Dana
“We use the spray on sunscreen and whenI remember, I try to keep in the cooler. On a hot day, it feels greatand no one complains about having to re-apply.” -Tanya


“Stay under an sunbrella” -Justin


“I always put swim shirts and hats on mykiddos and make them take breaks out of the sun every half hour.”-Elizabeth



“I always keep the sunscreen in thediaper bag, so there’s no chance to forget it.” -Stephany



“We keep hats and sunglasses in bothcars for everyone. That way if we forget our favorites, we have aback up. And I try to buy a small trial size sunscreen to keep in mypurse for the same reason, back up.” -Kim



“Swim shirts, hats and keep sunscreen inbag/purse/car year round.” -Jessica



“We slather it on before we leave thencarry a sunscreen stick and lip balm in my purse. Sunglassesyearround and hats always in the car. If we know we’ll be out in itfor a while, we take double care on the feet, flip-flop sun burns arepainful!” -Susan



“I buy those sunproof hats from REI forthe kiddos. That way I don’t stress about our heads burning. And ofcourse, we all slather on the sunscreen before we head out andreapply as needed throughout the day. I bring baby wipes to get thatgreasy mess off our hands…it always seems to help.” -Shasta




“I keep the travel sized ones in thediaper bag so I don’t forget them. That way, even if I decide to gowithout my purse that day, our family will still have some on hand.It’s a life saver or should I say “skin saver!” -Tiffany




Special thanks to all our fans on Facebook for giving us their tips!
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