RV Maintenance For Summer Travel

(NAPSI)—Proper RV maintenance is key to preventing frustrating equipment issues that can lead to expensive repairs. Before you hit the road this season, learn how to avoid the havoc the great outdoors can wreak on your RV.

Avoid Sun Damage

The sun’s UV rays can damage an RV inside and out. The outside of your RV can dry and fade, while the internal temperature can rise and damage components—even air bags. Protect your RV in the hot summer months by creating your own shade using tarps, fitting your RV with a snug cover or keeping it under an RV carport. Another way to prevent fading is to wash and wax your RV a couple times per year. Crack a window open or run your air conditioner every so often to ensure the internal temperature doesn’t get too hot.

Extend the Life of Rubber Seals

The sun that RVers seek can cause rubber seals to deteriorate and crack, allowing water, dirt, wind and rodents to enter RVs. Without proper rubber seal maintenance, slide-outs, windows, doors, compartments and hatches can stick or tear, requiring costly repairs. 3-IN-ONE RVcare™ Rubber Seal Conditioner protects against damaging ultraviolet rays with a proprietary UV shield, preventing overall friction and wear, stickiness and deterioration, thereby ensuring smooth operation and extending the life of rubber seals.

Check Your Screens

Windows and doors also need regular TLC. Wear and tear is common over time, especially on screens. If you see a tear, replace the screen or fix it immediately—there are several kits on the market for easy screen repair. Properly maintained screens will allow you to enjoy fresh air while keeping bugs from ruining your respite.

Learn more about 3-IN-ONE RVcare™ products at www.3inone.com and pick up a can at Walmart, or RV dealers and distributors nationwide.

clicktotweet “Proper RV maintenance is key to preventing frustrating equipment issues that can lead to expensive repairs. One help can be to use 3-IN-ONE RVcare Rubber Seal Conditioner to protect rubber seals  against damaging ultraviolet rays. http://bit.ly/2HZilfa

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