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Have you ever put a dress on your baby girl and wished you had something cute and fancy to put over her diaper?  Ruffle Butts is a company started by a mom who was looking for cute ruffle diaper covers for her daughter.  Since then the company has expanded to other cute girly clothes such as pettiskirts, ruffled legwarmers, headbands, ruffled skirts and dresses and more.  And for the boys the company has developed Rugged Butts which sells denim bloomers and stylish boy onesies and clothing.

Their little girl clothes and bloomers are just so cute!  It makes me wish for warm weather so that I could dress my baby in only a diaper and bloomers or in just a cute ruffled onesie!

We got to try the Red and White Ruffle Butts Tutu Bloomers.  These have not only the cute ruffles but also some white tulle creating the “tutu” look.  I put these bloomers on my 10 month old under her red and white holiday dress and they were the perfect diaper cover.  When she stood up you could barely see the red and white fabric peaking out below her dress, but then when she crawled around the adorable ruffles were exposed.  I liked that the bloomer wasn’t poufy like a tutu so that it didn’t get in the way of my daughter’s mobility.  

One thing to take note of: the red color bled onto my daughter’s tights, especially around the leg openings as this is where the cover had the most friction when my daughter moved around.  Pre-washing the bloomers or having her wear matching colored tights would have been a good idea.

Most of the ruffle bloomers come in sizes 0 months through 3T, and there are so many styles and colors to choose from.  Their other clothing options go through size 7.  I especially liked the ruffled playground shorts for little girls and will have to buy some when my daughters are in school and want to wear dresses to school.  What a cute way to keep them covered as they play and flip on the playground.  Everything is cute and girly without being so frilly that the little girl wearing it can’t play and have fun.  

I was pleased with the ruffle tutu bloomer and would love to try other Ruffle Butts items.  The trouble is narrowing down my choices because I love so many of the things they make.  A great item for any girl who loves all things feminine!


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