Rockabye Baby CDs

Rock Out to These Modern Day Lullabies

You are probably wondering how music from groups such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiss can be lullabies.  I was intrigued and wondered how they were going to convert these great rock songs into lullabies as well. 

As I listened, I quickly learned how they did it and did it successfully.  Slowing the tempo and lowering the volume, Rockabye Baby has made purely instrumental versions of these familiar and popular songs that are true to their original versions.  

These CDs are a great way to expand your child’s musical tastes while relaxing them.  Plus they  will save you from having to listen to the many renditions of traditional lullabies for the 1,000th time.  

Rockabye Baby, now celebrating its sixth anniversary, has created a collection of almost 50 titles to help you rock your little one to sleep.  You are sure to find an artist or group you love and you will find yourself singing along in your head.  I also enjoyed challenging myself to recognize the song being played.    

The CD jackets are decorated with age appropriate artwork of baby bears in various scenes.  As a fan of Depeche Mode since the 80’s (okay I’m dating myself here!) I found it amusing that they use the artwork from Depeche Mode’s album covers to draw their baby bears on the CD jacket.  The CD jacket has the faces of the baby bear band members with the same purple black out streak over the faces (1993 Songs of Faith and Devotion album cover).  The CD itself is a black background with a hot pink rose with a bear paw print as the flower (1990 Violator CD album cover).

There are added bonuses to buying the CD over the MP3 version.  The CD jacket contains small games to entertain your little person and contains a “Baby Book” page on the inside cover where you can fill in fun facts about your baby.  And for the parent, the CD contains cleverly titled simple recipes for babies 6 months and older.  So you can take your baby’s meal time to a “Higher Ground.”  With a new baby on the way I plan on utilizing these recipes very soon.  

I live on a block with approximately twenty kids age ten and younger.  So I began asking my mommy friends if they had ever heard of these CDs.  Many of them were fans already. 

I plan on playing the CDs at my upcoming baby shower.  What a perfect way to play “baby” music while not want to pull your hair out listening to it!

You can listen to samples and purchase CDs as well as other cute merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs at  Rockabye Baby lullabies are also available on iTunes and in CD or MP3 format.  Be sure to keep an eye out for future artists, including The Doors and The White Stripes, on Rockabye Baby for 2013.  

Rockabye Baby CDs

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 Appealed to Adults 5
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 Child Appropriate Content 5
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 I Would Purchase This Product as a Gift  yes
 Overall Rating  5

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