Rising Temperatures, Rising Weights: Study Finds Kids Gain the Most Weight Over Summer

It seems counterintuitive, but 
a new summertime trend is emerging: Children are gaining weight in between when the school year ends and begins in the fall.

“A lot of people kind of expect winter, Halloween or all those times of year to be a little bit more difficult,” explained Megan Watts, lead outpatient dietitian at Children’s National Health System. “And yet we do see with our patients that summer weight gain does seem to be a trend.”

During the school year, students are busy and active. They walk in between classes, run outside at recess, have balanced meals and move throughout much of the school day. Plus, 
after-school activities keep them 
very active and involved.

Water can be doctored up with 
frozen juice cubes, fresh lemon juice 
or slices of berries. Frozen strawberries or banana halves dipped in a little yogurt or natural chocolate can substitute for popsicles. And don’t be afraid of instituting 
a normal bedtime, said Watts.

“Along with trying to establish a summer routine, we stick to our tried and true motto of ‘Make the healthy choice the easy choice,’” said Watts.

Beth Roessner is a D.C.-based writer 
and health coach.  

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