Red, White and Blue Food

Decorate your plates with red, white and blue for a little patriotism all summer long!


Chip off the Old Block

Want an easy red, white and blue fix?Buy a few blue chips (the kind you get on airports are so tasty) andadd some salsa with onions. Instant patriotism!



American Fruit Salad

Cut up a few strawberries, watermelons,apples and throw some blueberries (pick your own!) on top for ahealthy and fun treat!

Kabob it Up!

Grilling this summer? Throw somechicken and some fresh tomatoes on a skewer for a tasty (andpatriotic) cookout side! Feel free to add a blue napkin for goodmeasure.

Strawberry Flag

Chocolate covered strawberries justtook an Uncle Sam turn! Decorate strawberries with white chocolateand dyed (blue) white chocolate. See the recipe!

Cupcake Bliss

Bake a batch of red velvet cupcakes,cover with vanilla icing, and pop a few blueberries on top for afabulous desert for the whole family!



Check out where we got some of the red, white and blue food inspiration!

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