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By Victor Hayes Popovics,

Founder of

Keeping a home neat, inviting and aptly valued is often a top priority but, amid hectic schedules, it can be tough to keep up with cleaning maintenance and upkeep.

Compounding the problem is that some structural areas and features are more challenging to clean than others, particularly on the exterior where the elements, insects, animals and even mold can wreak havoc. Over time, even cobwebs, dirt, leaves and pollen make a property look old, worn, dingy and less than it’s actually worth.

With this in mind, the experts at offer this list of ways a portable pressure washer can readily help solve common problems both indoors and out, worthwhile efforts that can also positively impact property value:

1. Unclog drains: Many people do not realize that instead of calling a plumber and paying handsomely to have a drain line cleared, a pressure washer can accomplish the same task. A special “sewer jetter” nozzle attachment will safely and efficiently unclog and clean a drain.

2. De-grime grout and tile: A power washer with a rotary brush attachment can be very effective for safely cleaning floor tile and grout without damage. Use hot water to clean areas where grease and oil stains need to be cleared out, such as a food space or where cars are commonly parked.

3. Clean windows: Nothing diminishes a property more than drab, dirty windows. Window squeegee attachments make the cleaning effort quick and easy. You can use them with soap and water or glass cleaner; either way you will be able to have a sparkling clean window in half the time it would take with a cloth.

4. Clean air ducts: Hiring a professional to clean your air ducts, or purchasing an air duct cleaning system, can be expensive…and unnecessary since a pressure washer outfitted with a special attachment can get the job done. These cost savings will allow you to breathe easy.

5. Wash wood decks and fences: There is a mistaken perception that pressure washers can’t be used on wood, but nothing could be further from the truth. With the correct nozzle and the water pressure level, you can safely and effectively clean wood without damaging it and keeping mildew damage at bay.

6. Clear gutters: Keeping gutters unclogged and functional is imperative to prevent water overflow that can cause them to detach and, worse, promote rot and rust to the surrounding structure. A standard garden hose just won’t get the job done. A pressure washer with a special gutter nozzle will aptly clear the dirt, leaves and debris in short order…and a ladder need not apply!

7. Wash walkways: To de-stain and generally clean flat surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and garage floors, a water broom nozzle allows you to evenly wash the surface…without causing back ache since you can stand up straight and use it.

8. Remove water and muck: Particularly useful in regions where rain and snow create a buildup of water and muck, or when pooled water needs to be drained indoors perhaps from an overfilled planter, flood or plumbing repair, a special “muck scupper” attachment provides for high volume water removal. This rapid response is key to thwart what can be costly moisture-related damage.

9. Quick dry: After you’ve pressure cleaned or removed moisture and muck from an area, or to better prepare a surface for an event so that it’s pristine and also safe from slips and falls, an air blower attachment will help you quickly dry out the space.


“A pressure washer is an extremely versatile and easy-to-use portable tool that can make cleaning and maintenance a breeze both indoors and out,” notes field authority Victor Popovics, Founder of “With even an extremely inexpensive model and the proper nozzle attachments, keeping a property in tip-top shape is not a problem, and most certainly worth the effort.”


Tips provided by Victor Hayes Popovics, Founder of For more information and tips on how a pressure washer can make your home maintenance easier visit


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