Preschool Pop Stars: “Daycare Dance Party”

After a few long car trips this summer, our music collection was getting a bit repetitive. I try very hard to keep the music in our car at an appropriate level for my children, ages 2 and 5, which can be quite challenging when relying on the radio. We were eager to try out a new children’s CD, “Daycare Dance Party” by the Preschool Popstars, to add to our collection of car sing-a-longs and pre-bedtime dance parties.

The Preschool Popstars are three cartoon girls named Hailey, Bailey and Jazz, who sing (and rap) songs geared toward toddlers in voices not unlike the Chipmunks. Their “Daycare Dance Party” album track list includes songs with titles such as “Juice Box,” “Wash Your Hands,” and “See Saw” sung in all different styles – pop, rap, hip-hop and country to name a few. The songs are designed to teach children lessons and encourage physical activity.

Most of the songs have cute, catchy lyrics that my initially attracted my children. However, the songs got a bit annoying after the first few listening sessions, and my children lost interest and no longer asked for this album. While I personally didn’t mind most of the songs, and appreciated the lessons and reminders to wash hands and be polite to your friends, there were some songs that I didn’t think were particularly appropriate. The track “I Didn’t Mean to Burp” is one that I did not care for, and actually thought was a bit crass. In this pop style track the girls discuss burping and why it happens, with interspersed loud burps. They do say “excuse me” afterwards, but we don’t need to emphasize these behaviors and are trying to work on quiet, covered-mouth actions! The rap song “Wait Until I Cook It,” addressing the topic of waiting for your food at the table, doesn’t quite hit the mark. I was expecting it to teach a lesson of patience, but I found the lyrics to be sassy and not how I would like my children to ask for their food (“…hurry up please, I’m getting weaker! Is there wax in your ears?…) I’m sure it is all meant to be funny and catch children’s attention, but I just didn’t care for some of the methods and wording.

As an additional note, the CD format is great for the car where we don’t have video access, but I think the Preschool Popstars are enjoyed even more in their music videos. My children both loved watching the animated characters dance, sing and act out lyrics. I think they got more out of the songs with pictures to follow along with, so I would recommend checking them out on their YouTube channel.

While it isn’t a perfect fit for our family, I do appreciate knowing the entire CD is full of toddler-appropriate-range material.

Preschool Pop Stars CD: “Daycare Dance Party”

Produced by Charm School Records

Available at and iTunes

$7.99-$9.99 (depending on format)

Appealed to my child(ren): 2

Appealed to adults: 1

Would listen to/watch more than once: 2

Child appropriate content: 5

I would purchase this product: No

I would give this product as a gift: No

Overall rating: 2

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