Potomac Nationals Game

My family and I recently ventured out to the Pfitzner Stadium, home of the Potomac Nationals, and had a blast soaking in all of the baseball glory. My son particularly enjoyed the game, but they have a number of fun elements to keep it entertaining for everyone.

 Through the years, “The Pfitz” has undergone numerous expansions and upgrades, including the ticket office structure out front, the field box seating sections behind first and third base and the picnic area. This season, Pfitzner Stadium received its biggest upgrade in years with the installation of a new video board.

A few highlights of the games are the fireworks, Uncle Slam the mascot and of course the fun music the players choose when they are called to bat. My girls enjoyed dancing and singing along to the familiar songs.

On select days kids can even run the bases. Be sure to check the promotions section before deciding on what day to attend a game. Promotions include $2 Tuesdays, $1 Mondays, 4×4 Thursdays, Scout Night, Jimmy Buffet night and more!

The stadium has a variety of eats and treats to offer. My family was happy to get Little Caesars pizza. The concessions include all of the familiar baseball favorites like ice cream, cracker jacks, pizza, burgers and popcorn. As at any sporting event, the prices are higher than the restaurants advertise outside of the park. This is nothing new, so either eat before the game and purchase a fun snack, or be prepared to spend a little more than average for your meal. (Note: the best time for families, in my opinion, is to come on $ Mondays or 4×4 Thursdays, when tickets and hot dogs are by far the cheapest. Again, see promotion schedule for more information.)

Overall, my family had a fun time at the ballgame. My favorite part is always singing the beloved National Anthem and “Take me out to the Ball Game.” My kids also like to keep score, and it’s a fun way to keep them engaged. I usually bring a coloring book or a few baseball bingo cards (check Pinterest) for my 4-year-old. All in all, it makes for a fun summer family outing!

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