Popular Hair Trends

By Kim Seidel


Today’s hairstyles are all about you. Thesedays anything goes, as long as it fits your lifestyle, and of course, looksgood on you.


Tara Grisby, a stylist with a dozen yearsof experience, says her clients ask for a wide variety of hairstyles, fromsuper short to asymmetrical. Women often love to show Grigsby photos of stylesthey desire. “I will ask them what they like about it,” Grigsby says. “I willtake pieces of that trend and customize it to fit them.”


Grigsby often gives her clients stylesreflecting the decades from the 50s to the 80s. “Everything for hair has gonethrough history, and now we are seeing bits and pieces of those styles comingback,” she says.


Several brides-to-be have asked Grisby tofix their locks for their big day in 50s-style glamour with finger waves andbobby pin curls. She also has clients with “big hair” sporting a lot of curls,which bring back memories of rock ‘n’ roll bands in the 80s.


Asymmetrical cuts, with one side shorterthan the other, are another popular trend. The asymmetrical cut can also beworn with the sides longer in front, and the back hair shorter.


Along with asymmetrical cuts,disconnected layers throughout the hair are popular and give the hair movementwith a textured appearance.


Bangs of all types are trendsetters too.Women can wear heavy, blunt cut bangs straight across their foreheads, ortextured bangs for a lighter look. Bangs can be swept to the sides and worn at alllengths.


Grigsby gives many women super short haircuts.She recommends that to pull this look off, you have a smaller, attractive face.The super short hair cut can be sporty with a messy, tousled look, or is more casualwhen worn straighter. Super short hair requires a trendy hair color too. Grays,chestnut browns and auburns are popular colors.


On the other end of the spectrum, longhair is always in style. “The key to having long hair is having beautifulhair,” Grigsby says. “You have to take extra good care of long hair. Peoplewon’t say, ‘You have a great hair cut,’ when you have long hair. They will say,‘You have beautiful hair.’’’


Kim Seidel is a professional writer and editor, who enjoys working ontopics about parenting and natural health and beauty. For more information,visit: www.seidelink.com.


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