Pink Lemonade Cake Mix Review


  Pink Lemonade: It’s Not

Just for Drinks Anymore




I have to admit, when I saw Pillsbury’s new Pink Lemonade flavored cake mix, cookie mix and frosting I was not enthusiastic to try it. It sounded way too sugary sweet for my liking. However, my 13-year old daughter was eager to try out the new flavor, so we gave it a go.

The cupcakes did indeed taste like pink lemonade, so if that’s a flavor preference in your household I think they would be a hit. The cookies were a bit milder in flavor and had a nice texture, and are a fun twist to the traditional sugar cookie. The frosting was creamy and easy to spread, but again, if you’re a chocolate or vanilla fan this may be a bit too sweet for your liking.

The bright yellow and hot pink cupcake baking cups with the floral print were pretty and screamed garden party or summer bake sale. They were a nice weight and easy to separate, and the color did not fade during baking.

We passed around the treats to some friends and family members, and overall it seemed the younger crowd was more enthusiastic about the new flavor than the adults. Maybe us grown ups are just set in our ways and want to keep the pink lemonade in the pitcher, not on the cake platter. Regardless, the new flavor is worth a try and the cupcake holders are a pretty addition to a summer picnic arrangement.



Pillsbury Baking Products

Available in all major grocery stores

Price: Varies

Taste  4
Nutritional Value
Easy to Use/Prepare 5
I would purchase this product maybe
 Overall rating  4

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