Photography Tips for Kids

  • Choose a camera to fit the age and interest of the child. Disposablecameras are a good way to introduce photography to a small child withoutinvesting in a camera. A point-and-shoot digital camera is also a good option.

  • Teach your child about camera care. Show by example thecorrect way to handle and care for a camera.

  • Talk about how to frame a picture in the viewer. Most ofthe point-and-shoot cameras have a box in the middle of the lens that will helpsmaller children learn to place the main subject in the box. Try to get thecamera as straight as possible too.

  • Teach an older child about the Rules of Thirds (placingthe subject in any third of the photograph) to make an interesting photograph.

  • Practice the idea of depth in their photographs. Try somecloser shots, but also a few a little further away.

  • Work on taking pictures of lots of different places,people, animals, and things. Often times, children tend to photograph eitherpeople or places, so it’s good to practice mixing it up!

  • Encourage your children tophotograph new angles; Up, down, all around!

  • One good technique to teach your child is to show him orher how to keep the sun to his back or to one side of his subject (which willhelp keep “sun squint” off people’s faces in the pictures!)

  • Talk about the use of a flash indoors or in very low light.Nighttime, a cloudy day, or shady areas may require a flash, which will keepdark shadows from blocking out interesting details.

  • After taking the disposable camera to be developed, orafter you upload the pictures to your computer, look over the photos together.Discuss each picture and help pick out which pictures they like most and talkabout why. This helps create even better pictures next time.

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