Pet Owner Rules for Kids

Did you watch The Pet Show with Dr. Katy?

Here are our Pet OwnerRules for Kids! 

Scroll to 14:20 to see our pet rules!


1. TheGolden Rule

Treat your pet the way you want to be treated…no Pullinghair, tugging ears, etc.

2. SafetyFirst

A few safety rules include: If you’re close to a dog, smile with your mouth closed. Never kiss a dog on the nose or on the mouth. Keep pets on all fours at all times (kitties and doggiesdon’t like to be carried away or “danced” with.

3. AloneTime

There are certain times when we should leave our pets alone,like when they are sleeping, eating or in their crate.



4. Takeit Easy

Stay calm around your pet…they can get scared when there areloud noises.

5. PetFood Only

It can be tempting to want to give your pets leftovers fromthe table, but people food can be very bad for dogs. It’s safest to only feedyour animal THEIR food.

6. NoTeasing

Animals can act possessively when you have something oftheirs that they want. Examples of this include taking the pet’s food away andplaying keep-away with their toy.

7. Notall pets are the same.

When you are outside walking, and you see another dog,remember that their dog may not be as friendly as yours. ALWAYS ask beforepetting a strange animal. Also ask where that animal likes to be pet. Someanimals may not like to be pet on the heads.

If you’re at another friend’s house, their dog may not pla


ythe same as yours, so be sure to ask their house pet rules as well.

8. If thedog gets loose…

If you’re walking your dog outside or the door is left openand your pet gets loose, do not chase the dog. He will think it’s a game andrun further away. Walk slowly back to the house and tell an adult right away.

9. WashYour Hands

After playing with your animal, it’s important to wash yourhands to keep everyone in your family healthy!

10. Tellyour friends what you know.

Keep your pets and animals safe by letting your friends knowthe rules when they come over to your house.




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