Perfect Hair for Valentine’s Day

The Bombshell

Full andluscious locks have been the hottest, most classic hairstyle since BridgetBardot rocked it back in the day. Men love this hairstyle because men love shiny hair, as it’s a sign of youth and vitality.


Get it:

Apply a volumizing mouse to damp hair. While blow-drying, use a medium-sized round brush and workfrom the bottom layers up. Pin the top portion out of your way and point thenozzle down to flatten the cuticle. When your mane is dry, mist on athermal-straightening spray. Glide a flatiron over strands to kill any flyawaysand seal in silkiness. Rake a tiny drop of shine serum through ends with yourfingers for a superglossy movie-star finish.


The Perfect Pouf

The small pouf(and we’re not talking The Snookie here) adds a subtle dose of glamour to anylook. That’s why it’s such a hot red-carpet go-to. “Wearing your hair upbares your most seductive features, like your neck and shoulders,”explains celeb stylist Ken Paves.

Get it:

Part dry,straight hair from above the arches of each eyebrow back to the crown to create amini ponytail. Twist the top of the tail, and push hair forward to createvolume, then secure with a large barrette or bobby pins. Gather the rest into apointail and mist with a holding spray.


Romantic Side Pony

“Anassymetrical updo is universally flattering for all face shapes becausenobody’s features are perfectly aligned,” says NYC celeb stylist NathanielHawkins.

Get it:

Rub on asmoothing gel through wet strands. Blow-dry hair over to one side to createhold. Then use your fingers to gather hair low under the ear and secure with anelastic band (keep it loose so the ponytail looks whispy).




Tousled hair isn’t just for the beach — it’s actually a very playful, romanticlook that is perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day. This style works best withhair that is naturally wavy.

Get it:

Blowdry your hair until it is halfway dry. Apply avolumizing spray onto your damp hair and finger dry hair the rest of the way toprovide volume and texture. If your bangs are long, sweep them to the side.Using a large barreled curling iron, touch up your waves if neccessary. Don’tcurl small sections — that will create tighter curls than you want. Place alittle pomade or texturizing cream in your hand. Flip your head over and thenrun your fingers through your hair. Flip it back and finish off your look withhairspray.


Romantic Braid

There’snothing like a little reminder of the Princess Bride (but modernized!) to setthe mood.

Get it:

Take a 2inch sections of dry hair and wrap them around a 1 and 1/2 inch curling iron tocreate waves all over the head. Next, take a small amount of hydrating stylingcream in my palms and then rake your hands through the hair to break up thewaves, eliminate any fly-aways, and give the hair a soft hold. Next, gatheryour hair behind your left ear and loosely braid it, gathering about an inchfrom the bottom, then looped the end of the braid back up and pin it behind heryour ear. Finish with a soft hairspray.

SOURCES: SheKnows and Cosmopolitan





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