Peek-a-boo Nursing Top

Review of a modest, comfortable nursing top for moms in the D.C. area!

Peek-a-boo Nursing Top

When it came time to purchase maternity clothing, I really tried to find items that I could wear even after giving birth to my daughter. For me, this meant having items that would allow me to easily nurse my daughter, yet be stylish in my post-baby skin. Peek-a-boo offers just that. It has a full line of maternity and nursing tops that enable moms to extend maternity wear well beyond pregnancy.

After 10 months of nursing my daughter, I received Peek-a-boo’s ¾sleeve top in navy and white. The ¾sleeve top is also offered in redandwhite stripes, cream, and gray. I paired the top with a pair of black leggings, but it would easily match well with your favorite pair of jeans.

I never gave much thought to the necessity of having a shirt designed for nursing mothers. This was the very first nursing shirt that I have worn since giving birth. After wearing Peek-a-boo’s top, I definitely understand the utility in nursing tops.

Peek-a-boo’s ¾sleeve top not only provided flattering coverage to my post-baby stomach, but most importantly, it allowed me to discreetly nurse my daughter without a nursing cover. This was a major plus, given how distracted she can become when using a nursing cover. The added bonus was that the material was super soft and durable, which made me feel better about my daughter’ face rubbing against it. In addition, the overall look of the shirt was quite stylish. You would not even know that it was a nursing shirt. Although I did not have this shirt when I was pregnant, the rouching on the side and the extra material in the tummy area definitely would have made it possible for the shirt to last throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy. This shirt is a nice option for stylish moms on the go.

The shirt comes tagless, and the washing instructions are printed toward the top collar of the shirt. I found it difficult to read the washing instructions as they were printed in neon green against the navy-and-white striped fabric. I eventually had to go to the company’s website to get the instructions.

When checking out the website, I noticed that Peek-a-boo offers an array of different maternitytonursing tops, skirts and dresses, loungewear, swimwear, bottoms and belly bands. At the time of this review, the least expensive item on the sale page was $39.99 for a pair of maternity shorts. I was surprised to find out that the ¾sleeve top cost $69.99. I personally would not spend that amount on one shirt.      

Overall, I really liked the utility and style of Peek-a-boo’s ¾sleeve top. Despite the longevity and stylish features that the shirt offers, I think the price makes it difficult for mothers on a budget to purchase one. I definitely think if you have the money to splurge on a single clothing item, this shirt is definitely a great value and would be a nice gift for either yourself or another mom.

Peek-a-boo Nursing Top
Product Manufacturer: Peek-a-boo
Direct Link to 3/4Sleeve Top:
MSRP: $69.99
Durability 5
Ease of Use 4
Comfort 5
I would Purchase this as a Gift
I would Purchase this for Me No
Overall Rating

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Asha Sutton is a couples and family therapist turned stay-at-home mom and wife living in Alexandria, VA. She enjoys helping her daughter learn and grow through reading, music and play. Asha blogs about her adventures in parenting at


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