Parent You Should Know: Adam Tuss

The Tuss Family Parent You Should Know June 2022
Photo by David Stuck


Viewers of NBC News4 Washington know Adam Tuss as the transportation reporter and anchor of the Sunday edition of News4 Today. Before joining NBC4 in 2012, Tuss spent eight years covering the wonders of Washington transportation for WTOP Radio. He also contributed a column about transporation for The Washington Examiner.

Tuss has been recognized with an Emmy Award and Edward R. Murrow Award, in addition to The Associated Press and the Society for Professional Journalists, for excellence in journalism.

While this Philadelphia native isn’t shy about his love for Philadelphia’s sports teams, Tuss enjoys homelife in the DMV with his wife Caroline; two daughters, Annabelle and June; and son Deacon.


What do you love about being a parent?

The changes, the stages. Don’t get me wrong. The baby stage is incredible, but watching your child dress himself or herself, feed a dog or make their own meal is mind-blowing sometimes!


What lessons have you drawn from your childhood that you’ve applied to raising your own family?

To be a good person. Karma is a funny thing. Be good, do good and hopefully the good comes back to you.

How do you balance your career with family life?

I’m not going to lie. It’s a challenge. There are so many activities and events.

Sometimes you have to say no to things so that you can be ready for high-definition television at 4 a.m. By the way, whose idea was it to have high-definition television that early? Ha!


What’s one thing you hope your kids learn from you as a parent?

Take the trip, eat the cake, have fun and have each other’s backs.


Family Favorites

Favorite Family Meal: Shepherd’s pie. My mom taught me this dish, and I make a pretty good one.

Way to Spend a Weekend With Your Family: At our local pool or, if we are feeling adventurous, the beach. We love to swim.

Sports Team You Root for: All things Philadelphia. That’s my hometown, and we aren’t all that bad!

Vacation Spot: New Smyrna Beach, Florida. My in-laws have a beautiful place there right on the ocean. It’s also a big surfing destination and the shark bite capital of the country. Those two things mix, don’t they?

Family Outing in the DMV: The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Museum, followed by snacks at the sculpture garden. We have such a dynamic city.


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