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Will your family have to guess your health care wishes?

(BPT) – Imagine you are in an accident or a sudden illness leaves you unable to speak for yourself. Your loved one or caregiver may be faced with a difficult decision about whether to continue life-saving measures. How does that person know what to do? Discuss, decide and document. These …

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Great Grass Ideas

(NAPSI)—For a lawn that turns the neighbors green with envy, heed these four hints: 1. Water well: Water your lawn early in the morning when temperatures are cool to cut down on diseases and destructive insects. 2. Feed it: Use fertilizer that provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. 3. Mulch it: …

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Four Tips For Preventing Dog Attacks On Mail Carriers

(NAPSI)—Can you picture a member of your family attacking a mail carrier? Of course you couldn’t, but it happened 5,714 times last year across the nation. Dearborn, Mich., letter carrier Tameka Toliver recalls being pinned on a porch by a dog that bit her above her knee. “It happened so …

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