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Tips For Safe Outdoor Play

by Joan Lawrence, the “Toy Safety Mom” (NAPSI)—When heading outside to play, keep these top safety tips in mind: • Always supervise children. Be extra vigilant when kids are playing in or near the water, on driveways, and near streets with traffic. Keep toys away from these “danger” zones so …

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Good Ideas On Aging Well

(NAPSI)—May is Older Americans Month! Staying connected to the community is a key ingredient to healthy and successful aging. But for many older adults, staying connected can be difficult. Fortunately, older adults and their caregivers can contact the Eldercare Locator to learn about local programs and resources that can help …

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Tips to Take Better Care of Your Clothes this Season

(StatePoint) From dripping popsicles to grassy soccer fields, your clothes will become susceptible to a wide array of stains and odors over the coming months. Use these tips to keep your wardrobe fresh-smelling and looking new as long as possible: • Air out: Give wet, sweaty clothes and towels a …

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