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If You Use Birth Control, Learn Your Risk for Blood Clots

(NewsUSA) – Nearly 60 million women of child bearing age in the U.S. use the birth control pill as their number-one contraceptive of choice. While experts say that the pill is safe and effective, they also caution that birth control with estrogen, including the pill, patch, or ring, can pose …

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Surety Bonds Protect Infrastructure Investment

(NewsUSA) – Almost universal agreement surrounds the need to repair or replace America’s aging infrastructure of roads, highways, bridges, dams, drinking and wastewater facilities, ports, airports and other essential facilities that ensure the quality of living that Americans expect. Finding consensus on addressing the question of how to pay for …

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New Survey Reveals BP Monitoring Habits Need To Improve

(NAPSI)—A new survey from the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association shows that 40 percent of people with high blood pressure (HBP), or hypertension, report their numbers were still too high at their most recent doctor’s appointment, and many don’t even know their numbers. The Problem HBP occurs …

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