Orajel Natural Teething Tablets

Orajel Natural Teething Tablets

Teething can be the worst…for the baby or toddler and the parents as well!  As a parent of a toddler who is yet again getting more teeth, I wish there was something I could do to help my daughter.  Aside from letting her chew on my finger or a cold carrot, not much has helped her.

We recently tried Orajel’s Natural Teething Tablets, a homeopathic teething tablet that quickly dissolves on baby’s tongue.  I had to try out the tablets too.  They have a very mild flavor, but aside from the mild chalky taste, I couldn’t feel numbing in my mouth. 

This is very different from teething gel, which I have also tried because if I’m going to put it in my baby’s mouth I want to know what it’s going to do!  And the teething gel numbed my mouth to the point that I couldn’t feel my tongue.   Since I didn’t have any pain in my mouth it was hard to tell if the tablets were doing anything at all. 

My daughter will take the tablets, and seems to enjoy the feeling of them dissolving in her mouth, but I’m not sure if they are really helping with the teething, or simply providing a sufficient distraction so that she forgets what she is whining about.  I imagine it is a combination of the two.

One things I really like about Orajel’s Natural Teething Tablets is that they are made with chamomile, and don’t completely numb the mouth.  From my experience with my other children, the numbing of the mouth was scary for them, not calming at all.

Orajel’s Natural Teething Tablets are also free of benzocaine, belladonna, dyes, and parabens, big pluses in my book!  I think it’s smart to choose natural products for your child whenever possible, so I am glad that Orajel has created these natural tablets (there’s also a natural gel form too).

With any teething product, there’s no guarantee it will work wonders for your child, but if you have a little one who is teething I’m sure you’ve thought, “I’ll do anything to help you feel better!”  Orajel’s Natural Teething Tablets are worth a try.  

Website: http://www.orajel.com/baby-oral-care/teething-pain-relief-products/Products/baby-orajel-naturals-teething-tablets.aspx

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