New To The Neighborhood: Empowered Learning Centers Adds New Bethesda Location

Did you know you can literally change the brain physically and eliminate barriers to learning – often permanently? Educational expert Peter Riddle and developmental pediatrician Dr. Richard Reutter have developed a combination of “outside-the-box” educational and medical technologies that work directly on the brain’s processing abilities. Their Empowered Learning Program directly affects underdeveloped cognitive, visual and sensory-motor functions – and it works for both kids and adults.

The Empowered Learning Program measures the cognitive, visual processing and sensory-motor integration functions of those experiencing learning and/or behavioral difficulties. Empowered Learning develops individualized programs to remediate deficiencies, often permanently, which enable the student to then easily assimilate the content taught in school.

Empowered Learning Centers have helped thousands of kids for the past 24 years. A new center is now open in the Bethesda, MD, area, so our DMV kids have close-to-home access to this great resource.

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