Nene’s Secret

Nene’s Secret

Nene’s Secret is a complete hair care system that promotes beautiful, healthy hair growth. The complete product line includes seven products that contain ingredients like Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut, and Argan Oil.

I sampled Nene’s Secret Leave in Conditioner, Perfect Pretty Pudding, Strengthening Serum Treatment, and My Mom’s Masque on my hair.

I would’ve preferred that the ingredients where listed on the product’s container rather than on the box that the product was packaged in. Particularly as I make changes to the products that I use based on the season and my hair care needs, having the ingredients listed on the product themselves allows me to easily reference ingredients without having to keep the packaging or looking up the ingredients on the company’s website.

I also noticed that the products contained quite a long list of ingredients, some of which I could not even pronounce. I typically prefer natural products that are free of parabens and sulfates and while I did not see any common parabens on the product list, I did see several forms of sulfates in the Leave in Conditioner, My Mom’s Hair Masque, and the Curly & Cute Curl Crème.

I used My Mom’s Masque as a deep conditioner that I let penetrate in my hair as I detangled it in the shower. Using My Mom’s Masque, my detangling process was slighter easier than normal. I was excited to “feel the sensation” that was advertised on the product. While I did not feel the sensation when the product was applied, I did feel a cool tingling sensation after I rinsed it out and as I towel dried my hair. This was definitely an added bonus! My Mom’s Masque left my hair feeling super moisturized and strengthened. This was by far my favorite product of the line.

After parting my hair into small sections, I applied the Leave in Conditioner and then the Perfect Pretty Pudding in preparation for doing two-strand twists. I decided to apply both products because I wanted to make sure my hair was conditioned and also had a holding product for when I untwisted my twists to wear them out. While I felt that the conditioner coated my hair well, I did notice that the combination of the conditioner and the pudding did leave a residue in my comb. This is something that does not normally occur with my regular product combinations.

Finally, I used the Strengthening Serum Treatment as a mid-week moisturizer for my scalp. The directions indicated that for optimum results use the serum twice a day. I appreciated the applicator top because it allowed me to easily apply the product. I felt that using the serum once per day provided enough moisture to my scalp and shine to my twists that applying it twice a day would have only contributed to unwanted product build-up. The Strengthening Serum Treatment was my second favorite product in the line.

I sampled Best Beauty Butter as a skin moisturizer and not as a hair product. The product was so dense that I was not able to get enough out of the jar to actually apply it to my skin. After approximately 5 minutes of trying to get enough product to apply, I eventually gave up and used my regular lotion instead. I was really disappointment that I was unable to use the Best Beauty Butter as a result of not being able to get enough of the product out.

In terms of smell, while I enjoyed the fruity undertones of the products, I did not care for the overpowering, long-lasting perfume scent that dominated the products’ smell. I wanted more fruit and far less perfume.

Overall, the complete line of Nene’s Secret has its highs and lows. I would most definitely purchase My Mom’s Masque and the Strengthening Serum Treatment to use on an ongoing basis. While the products moisturized my tresses, the overpowering perfume scent coupled with the residue that I experienced with the Leave in Conditioner and Perfect Pretty Pudding would not be products that I would include as staples in my hair care regime. In addition, the Best Beauty Butter needs to be softened in order to increase its ease of use. Despite it all, the affordability of the products cannot be underscored enough which definitely adds to the attractiveness of the line.

Nene’s Secret

Product Manufacturer: Nene’s Secret
MSRP: $8.99 – $12.99
Smell 2
Ease of use 3
Effectiveness 4
I Would Purchase For Myself Yes
I would Purchase As A Gift  No
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high).

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