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As soon as we brought home our little 8-pound rescue puppy, my daughter wanted to go on a shopping spree for “Cocoa.” We headed to the pet store and bought leashes and collars and toys and all sorts of puppy paraphernalia. My daughter picked out food and water bowls with a fun pink design that have served us well. So when I was given the Neater Feeder to try, I wasn’t sure we really needed an upgrade.

The feeding system is a plastic base with holes for two bowls, one for water and one for food. The stainless steel bowls are easily removable and dishwasher safe. Our little puppy is now a whopping 60-plus pounder, and meal time is her favorite time of day. She gets really excited as we mix up her food (she gets a combination of wet and dry food) so being able to easily remove the bowl and prepare her food on the counter is a plus.

But the biggest advantage to the feeding system is the water mess factor. Or should I say how it HELPS with the water mess factor. With the old bowl, water was always getting dripped on the floor when Cocoa would drink or someone would accidentally knock into it. The new system helps contain the mess and make for a cleaner feeding area. A plastic insert in the base catches the spills and is easy to remove and clean.

The Neater Feeder comes in different heights (small, medium and large with leg extensions available) with a variety of size bowls as well. A smaller version is also available for cats. The standard color is a beige/brown, but for an upgraded price you can chose a “deluxe” version in “bronze” or “cranberry.” I will say I miss Cocoa’s fun pink bowls, and wish they offered more color options.

I do like that the company is U.S. based and they partner with charities such as Pals for Life. You can read the company’s back story and check out pricing and other Neater brand offerings at

Neater Feeder for Dogs; small $19.99/medium and large $39.99

Available at Petco, Petsmart, Pet Valu and Bed, Bath & Beyond

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