Neal Brothers Kettle Chips

Neal Brothers Foods, based in Canada, is a leader in the natural foods market. They recently announced they are introducing the U.S. to their line of kettle chips through an exclusive partnership with Whole Foods Market. Neal Brothers was started by two brothers, Chris and Peter, out of their family kitchen in 1988 with a commitment to offering healthier snacks and food products, using the best possible ingredients. Their all natural kettle chips, one the most popular products, are non-GMO Project Verified, made of simple ingredients and are available in flavors for everyone – from chip naturalists to flavor seekers. Below are our thoughts on four of the flavors we got to try.

Pink Himalayan Salt: I was wondering how this salt would be any different from regular salt. I read on the package that pink Himalayan salt has a flaky crystal structure which creates a saltier taste with less sodium content, so Neal Brothers was able to reduce sodium content in the chips, but still get the salty flavor we all crave. (In fact, a 1oz serving has only 70mg of sodium, compared to 115-160mg in other brands.) They certainly made a good decision! These chips are fantastic for “plain” chip lovers. The chips have a perfect crunch, and are nice and salty without being overwhelming. My 2-year-old adored these chips and we had to cut her off as she kept crunching away.

Maple Bacon: In addition to being nice and crunchy, this particular flavor has the perfect balance. The sweet maple flavor subtly sneaks in to give an extra boost to the bacon-y goodness. Neither flavor is overwhelming, so pure bacon lovers may be a little disappointed, but we thought they were delicious. As they were not spicy at all, both my children also enjoyed this flavor.

Montreal Steak Spice: When we first tried this flavor, it seemed a bit mild – until the aftertaste hit! These are quite flavorful and a bit spicy, though not “hot” spicy, just peppery. My husband thinks they taste exactly like Montreal Steak seasoning, and I think they are close but not exact. Regardless, we also enjoyed this flavor very much, with the exception of my 2-year-old who couldn’t handle the pepper.

Spicy Srirachup: While not my favorite, my husband and surprisingly my son really liked this flavor. It has quite a bit of heat, though not as hot as traditional Sriracha sauce. The flavor intensified as you kept eating and would be a good choice for people who like their snacks with bold, spicy flavor.

We are snack food lovers in our house, so we really enjoyed trying out these new flavors of kettle chips. The Pink Himalayan Salt chips would be dangerous to have around (I would have trouble controlling myself)! I found the other three flavors to be delicious, but strong, which helped me to control my portion. After just a small portion of

the chips, my craving would be perfectly satisfied without breaking the calorie bank. Next time you are at Whole Foods, check out these chips and pick out your favorite flavor!

Made by Neal Brothers Foods

Available exclusively at Whole Foods Market

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

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Christy Petrak is a Systems Engineer currently taking a leave of absence to raise her two children, Thomas (5) and Eliza (2). She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming and baking/decorating cupcakes.


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