National Geographic and the Princess and the Drone

National Geographic covered a recent NOVA Camp where kids and adults alike built drones as part of the Kashmir World Foundation’s (KwF) efforts to promote drone research.  Princess Aliyah Pandolfi, CEO of the KwF, has issued a worldwide challenge to over 25 teams to build drones capable of patrolling wildlife refuges and supporting the park rangers.

The National Georgraphic coverage includes a video on the drones and the camp as well as a video about the 3D printer technology used to create the pieces and parts of the drone. Their videos will be available mid September – we’re keeping our readers updated via social media and our eNewsletter.  If you don’t already like us on Facebook or get our weekly eNews, sign up below so you won’t miss the Nat Geo content!


In the meantime, you can check out these Nat Geo pages that provide some background detail on the crises facing wildlife around the world.  Poaching is increasing as the demand for rhino horns and elephant tusks grows.  Click below to see why developing technologies such as the “Princess’s drones” is so important to protecting these animals.



Click these links to learn more about:

Rhino Wars and Ivory Worship

To read the full article on Princess Aliyah – CLICK HERE




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