Nail Saloon

I was a habitual nail biter for 28 years: I bit the nail right to the pink quick. My cuticles were always ripped or scabbed, and I had no idea what most of the tools were in little nail filings kit. (Still don’t.) There were some attempts at ending the habit, but I only ever made it a few weeks before the nails got chomped right off. I hardly painted my nails, let alone had a manicure because what was the point of painting little pink stubs?

I’m not sure why, but during the spring of 2015, I made a conscious effort to stop biting my nails. (Probably because I was nearing 30 and needed to stop.) Flash forward two years, and I can happily say I’ve kicked the habit.

However, I don’t know what makes a good manicure.

I entered Nail Saloon, a cozy nail salon above Chipotle Mexican Grill on 14th Street NW, hoping to clean up my haphazardly clipped nails. I chatted with the friendly receptionist, selected my color and took my seat at the long marble-looking countertop. My nail tech sat across from me and started the nail ritual.

Nail Saloon

1508 14th St. #2

Washington DC


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