Moms of the Year: Stephanie Daniel

Mom to Abigail, age 13, Camille, age 11, Lucy, age 9,

Sebastian, age 7, Jaxson, age 5, Oliver, age 3 and Violet, age 1

Bristow, VA

Mother to seven and founder of her own small business, Abby’s Lane, INC, Stephanie makes motherhood look like a breeze. Stephanie is an advocate for postpartum awareness and natural-parenting options, and has created an online community for mothers to turn to for support.

“Juggling parenting and work is about putting out fires, sometimes work needs more attention, and sometimes your family does.”

Q&A with Stephanie Daniel


CEO of Abby’s Lane, INC

What advice would you give to new or expectant moms?

So many books, social media pages, friends and well-meaning family members will give you an onslaught of parenting advice. In a quiet moment, see what direction feels right to you. Research that, and leave the rest behind. Even if this is a first baby, and you are “new” to the parenting gig, you will do an incredible job and be your baby’s biggest ally in life. And on a serious note, take at least five minutes to read up on postpartum depression mental health issues and awareness, and ask your partner to do so as well. If you never experience postpartum, that is fantastic. But on the off chance that it creeps into your life after you have your baby, it’s good to be aware.

Who is your role model?

I would have to say Lucille Ball. She remained free of controversy, free in an interesting time in this country, a strong businesswoman and felt happiness and fulfillment in making others laugh.

What would you say your secret is to balancing life/family/work/motherhood?

I think balance is a myth. Ha! Balance implies that one side of the seesaw is equal with the other. Juggling parenting and work is about putting out fires, sometimes work needs more attention, and sometimes your family does. The goal at the end of the day is to feel both were attended to, and if one was slighted, to have a plan to make up the ground.

What goals do you have for your children?

I want every single one of our children to reach adulthood and feel happy and content with where they are. I’d like them to follow their passions, regardless of money or status, and do what they love.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Trust your instincts, and never second guess your desire to fight for your child.

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