Moms of the Year: Karen Parker

Mom to David, age 23

and Angela, age 18

Bowie, MD

Karen is a pillar in the Bowie community. In addition to raising two children, Karen is dedicated to helping the city’s young people. She volunteers with multiple organizations, and conducts workshops to help local high school students with internships, resume writing, college essays and employment opportunities.

“Find a mom who has a child two years older than your child and seek their advice.”

Q&A with Karen Parker


Corporate Recruiter and HR Generalist

What advice would you give to new or expectant moms?

Take one day at a time and remember to ask for help.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on life?  

Being a mother gives me a different perspective on how I make decisions.

How do you think your child(ren) would describe you?  

Always helping others.

What goals do you have for yourself?  

I would like to start a career and a college non-profit to help middle and high school students focus on their career goals and show them what they need to do to achieve their goals.

What would you say your secret is to balancing life/family/work/motherhood?  

Create a support group of family and friends that can help along life’s way. It takes a village to raise a child.

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?  

Find a mom who has a child two years older than your child and seek their advice.

Describe a favorite mom “moment(s).”

When my daughter witnessed my advice that everything takes time and things will always work out. We were on a tight budget and my daughter wanted to decorate her room. We ended up finding many of the items at very good prices or they were donated. The final result was a beautiful room. She learned that no matter the circumstances, if you take your time, things will work out.

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