Moms of the Year: Jaclyn Robertson

Mom to Kinsey, age 7, Aaron, age 5 and Emmaline, age 2

Falls Church, VA

In addition to being a mother of three, Jaclyn also owns her own fitness franchise where she connects with and inspires other D.C. area mothers. She always gives 100 percent to both.

“As long as they grow up to be kind, we’ve done our job as parents. (I’d also like them to be employed.)”

Q&A with Jaclyn Robertson


Owner, FIT4MOM Falls Church, Vienna, & Fairfax

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

When my second child was born, I was really overwhelmed, and my mom told me to write down three things I’d like to get done for the day and do those before anything else. It helped give me a sense of direction and stopped me focusing on doing all of the things all of the time.

Describe a favorite mom “moment(s).”

My favorite “mom moment” actually happened recently when I returned home from a long business trip. My daughter was given the project of “Flat Stanley” for her class and was asked to name her Flat Stanley anything she wanted. She chose to name it “Fit Mommy.” When I saw it I was actually moved to tears because my goal in life is to inspire mothers to be healthy and fit so they can in turn inspire their own children. Seeing that I’m also inspiring my own children is so rewarding.

How do you think your child(ren) would describe you?

I just asked all three of them and they said I’m awesome and take good care of them!

What goals do you have for yourself?

My goals are almost always work-related, but I have a goal this year of making my own self-care a priority. As a mom of three with an ever-increasing workload both at home and at work, I was finding that I was letting my own health take a back seat to everything else in my life.

What goals do you have for your children?

That they are kind. That’s it. They write their own paths and as long as they grow up to be kind, we’ve done our job as parents. (I’d also like them to be employed)

What would you say your secret is to balancing life/family/work/motherhood?

The secret is that there is no balance! On some days, I am a rockstar mom, and other days they eat chicken nuggets from the drive-thru because I have been hustling at work. Give yourself the grace to not be perfect at everything and you’ll feel more at peace. Oh…and outsource. Outsource everything.

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