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I did the lucky-me dance when I was given the chance to review anything on the Momentum website (, a virtual store that sells workout-friendly motivational accessories. There were many options:

Motivate Wraps: A loose wrap bracelet with your choice of motivational message on a charm. ($20-$25)

Suede Cuffs: Leather cuffs in three sizes with motivational messages bolted on. ($24-$40)

Necklaces: Two- or three-word mantras on a simple chain or material string. ($20-$27)

Athletic headbands: More decorative than keeping hair back, these have a motivational charm on them as well. ($12-$17)

Earrings: Simple, silver circles with one word on each. ($15-$22)

Foot Notes: One or two motivational charms that slip onto the laces of your shoes. ($10-$22)

So much to choose from, but the shoe charms grabbed me first. I’m not the type to wear makeup or jewelry while I exercise, and since I do most of my working out at a Crossfit “box” or a running trail, there are no mirrors around to tell me how good (or, let’s face it, bad) I look. I’m always amazed to see runners and other athletes wearing jewelry when they compete or practice—I take all these things off. It’s just me and my body, my muscles and my brain facing a challenge, usually a serious one.

But, these shoe charms were calling my name. How fun to be able to look down and remind myself of something! And, because I could personalize them by choosing a saying of my own or choose from the eight options Momentum had ready to go, I could choose what phrase would remind me of what I was here to do.

I saw “BEAST MODE” and loved it.

What? A 38 year-old stay-at-home mom wanting to be…um, beast-like? During these days of pressure to be super thin and super beautiful from the moment we wake up to the moment we kiss our kids’ foreheads and say “good night” in a sweet, calm manner, and in a region where money allows many stay-at-home moms to put a lot of effort into perfect nails and always-in-place hair, I want to be…like a beast?!

Yes. That’s right. I sure do.

Because when I step into the box or onto the trail, I want to leave all of those pressures and expectations and limits and just be me. I give myself permission to leave my best manners in the car and compete with the guys at my Crossfit box. There, I trash talk and use colorful language that is wholly inappropriate with the carpool crowd. I shamelessly pass those struggling on a run and lift weights just as heavy as many men.

And now, laced up on my Reebok Nanos, are two little charms. One says “BEAST,” the other “MODE.” I like many of the items Momentum sells, but the shoe charms seem to be one of the most personal—not many other people will see them, but I know that when I need a reminder about why I’m working out, I can look down and go into a different mode than the one I’m usually in.

I love this Momentum store and the accessories they have to offer. Their jewelry is the ultimate in workout-friendly—comfortable, washable, lightweight and non-tarnishing. Each piece blends fashion with purpose, is carefully handcrafted and made in the USA. Five percent of their profit goes towards Action for Healthy Kids.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a person with an active, healthy lifestyle—whether she likes to tap into her “beast mode” like me or not—this is a great place to shop.

Kate Schwarz is a full-time mom and wife living in Great Falls, VA. In addition to being a reader to her three small children, Kate is a writer, distance runner, Crossfitter and blogger of raising kids with books at

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