Mom of the Year: Ashley Groves

“Your imperfections will not damage your child — they will teach them how to be better, more compassionate human beings.”

Mom to Liam, 1 month, Leesburg, VA

Nominated by Ashley Morow:

Ashley is a registered nurse serving Northern Virginia families at Patient First. Additionally, she just opened a Let Mommy Sleep location in Loudoun County to serve brand-new families and other postpartum moms. She is doing this all while caring for her own newborn!

Q&A with Ashley Groves


Registered nurse and business owner

Three fun facts about you and your family:

1. We are also the parents to an adorable fur baby: a 9-month-old Samoyed named Riley.

2. My husband and I are both Purdue University graduates.

3. I have played the piano for 26 years.

What advice would you give to new or expectant moms?

You don’t have to be perfect. Your imperfections will not damage your child — they will teach them how to be better, more compassionate human beings.

What goals do you have for your family?

I want my family to be happy, healthy and to be able to make a difference in someone’s life in some way every day.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on life?

It has forced me to keep things in perspective and stop worrying about

the small things or things that are out of my control.

Describe a favorite mom moment.

The first time (and every time) my baby smiles in response to my smile or voice, and when he falls asleep on my chest.

What’s your superpower? Multitasking.

What are three things you use every day that you can’t live without?

Baby swing, chocolate and a camera.

What’s the best thing you are reading right now?

“Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” by Laura Hillenbrand.

What is your secret to balancing life/family/work/motherhood?

My secret is staying organized, multitasking and prioritizing. How has motherhood helped you succeed at work? Motherhood has made me more compassionate and patient. I don’t sweat the small stuff as much. I am better able to disconnect from work when I’m home, which has helped me to be more focused and efficient at work.


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