Mom Life: Angie Goff

Fox 5 DC anchor Angie Goff talks about juggling her career and motherhood

Name: Angie Goff

Occupation: Co-anchor of “5 at 4 p.m.” and co-host of “Like It Or Not” at 7 p.m. on FOX 5 DC. Creator and host of the weekly podcast “The Oh My Goff Show.”

Lives: McLean, VA

Spouse: Robert

Children: Adora, 9; Bob, 6; and Wren, 2

What do you love about being a mom?
The hugs, the kisses, the snuggles, the “I love you infinity” declarations are feelings unmatched by anything I’ve ever felt before. I try so hard not to take those instant good feelings for granted. My favorite thing to do with the kids is just laugh with them. It is so good for the soul. I also love carrying on traditions from both sides of our family. It’s so important to teach our kids where they come from.

What do you find challenging about raising kids?
As the children get older, I find they really yearn for one-on-one time together. It’s easy to get used to doing everything as a unit and forget that each child is an individual who has individual needs. Robert and I do our best to set aside special time for each child. It takes some planning usually, but it is always worth it. It’s amazing how much you learn from your child in a small amount of time when it’s just the two of you.

What’s something your family loves to do together?
In addition to carrying on family traditions, we are also fans of creating traditions. For example, every fall we host a family feast filled with sweets, treats and breads. We wear paper crowns and do crafts. With the start of the school year and the kiddos entering a new season, we spend time mapping out their biggest goals. Since we started this, I’ve given each child a glass star with a their name, year and quote to guide them. We call it a “collection of stars,” and it’s so fun to see it get bigger every year.

How do you take care of your mental and physical health?
My trainer Christa at Breakaway Fitness is amazing. I honestly should pay her for the therapy session I get with her every time I work out. When I reach a point where I need to decompress, I’ll occasionally take a super long hot shower, too. I literally turn my brain off and won’t think about anything the entire time.

Angie Goff and family dress up for Halloween
“We love family costumes and new traditions!”

What’s something that makes juggling motherhood and your career a little bit easier?
I stopped looking at the two things as being separate. My job and my family IS my life. It’s one thing. I believe you’ll kill yourself trying to even them out. The reality is, some days I’m a better mom, and some days I’m a better worker. Also, have you heard about this word NO? It’s amazing. It took me a while to figure out that it really works. I also write things down. I love technology but I’m still old fashioned and depend on my daily planner. If it’s not in the ‘the book’ it’s not happening.

How are you able to maintain a social life between working and parenting?
Kids’ sports games and weekend birthday party hopping IS my social life! Robert and I love music too and are always up for a concert. We do a lot of date nights. The kids call it ‘adult dinner.’ They see it as something special, but before we go they demand to know what time we’re coming home.

What do you love about raising kids in the D.C. area?
Location, location, location. We are never short of places to go, shows to see or museums to visit in this town. We’re a train ride away from NYC and a plane ride away from South Carolina. We’re in a perfect spot. Plus, nothing beats having your parents and sisters close by. I’m so thankful for their support. They all live in Northern Virginia, too.

What would you do if you had one hour without any responsibilities?
I’d hit the night club. I’m kidding. I work in TV, but I don’t have much time to watch a lot of it. So if I had a free hour to do nothing, I would probably pick-up where I left off watching “Game of Thrones” at Season 1, Episode 3. True story.

Five things Angie Goff can’t live without:

  1. Coffee! I start my day with coffee, and end my night with coffee. In my world of chaos, it’s the constant in my life. Hands down my favorite thing on this planet.
  2. Dolly Parton is a close second. She is my “Dolly Lama.” Her songwriting and quotes motivate me, especially when I’m worn slap out.
  3. I have an affinity for pencils. I love the grip and the sound of lead against paper. When it’s time to sharpen, it’s a reminder things are getting done. Whether it’s checking off a list, writing down ideas or working on a story.
  4. Velvet scrunchies. I can’t stand having my hair down. Never have liked it. I know scrunchies are in style now, but I’ve never stopped using them.
  5. My diary I’ve kept since childhood to protect my life secrets, including all my boy crushes starting in 3rd grade.


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