Mitten Keepers

A Solution to Those Lost Mittens

Do you remember those old mittens you had as a kid with a string that hooked the two together so one wouldn’t get lost?  Mitten Keepers is a modern product that has the same mission in mind: keeping those mittens from getting lost!  

I tried Mitten Keepers with my son (age 4) and my daughter (age 3).  They were excited about the new gadget, and even stood still during the initial process of adjusting the strap so that it fit their arm span. 

Mitten Keepers are adjustable from 29” to 42” (which is something I appreciate as a mom so that I don’t have to buy a new set each year as the kids grow).  Once adjusted, the mittens hung right at the hand opening of my kids coats and they were able to put on the mittens and take them off again without problem.  

The next time they put their coats on they both had a little difficulty with the Mitten Keeper sliding to one side of the jacket and the mitten on that side hanging too far down with the mitten on the opposite side being stuck in the sleeve. I’m hopeful that with a little more practice we may master putting coats on with the Mitten Keeper attached. 

I think I would prefer a simpler product that clips each mitten to the hand opening of the jacket instead of going through the sleeves and across the back of the jacket.  This would just make it simpler and less tricky for small children to put their coats on by themselves because the Mitten Keeper wouldn’t become tangled on them or stuck in the coat.

At my son’s preschool the teacher and director raved about the Mitten Keepers and what a wonderful idea it was to help prevent children from losing those mittens and gloves.    

Mitten Keepers come in two patterns, one blue and brown and one pink and brown.  The clips are easy enough for an adult to use when clipping on the mittens, and strong enough that a child won’t be able to just pull the mittens off by accident as they put the mittens on.

And so far this winter I’m the only one who’s misplaced my gloves.  Maybe they should make Mitten Keepers for moms too!

Mitten Keepers

Price: $11.90

 Durability  5
 Ease of Use  4
 Comfort  4
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