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Dry Erase Flashcards Great For Travel!


Are you going to be traveling this summer?  Are you looking for fun, engaging, learning activities to occupy your children while you travel? 

Mead has come up with a perfect summer travel solution: dry erase flashcards.  These packs of flashcards come with a dry erase marker (with erase attached to the marker’s lid) and fit nicely into a sturdy plastic sleeve for transportation and storage.

Mead’s new dry erase flashcards come in three varieties: ABCs, Numbers, and Colors and Shapes.  They also have an awesome Tangram dry erase book that is the same size as the flash cards and comes in its own plastic storage container, but more on that a little later.

Each of the flashcard sets comes with 32 double sided cards that are sturdy and measure five by seven inches large; a great size for little hands to hold. 

They are designed for children preschool through 1st grade.  I love the variety of activities presented on the flashcards.  For the letter flashcards one side is about each letter and provides opportunities to trace and write the letter and include pictures of objects that start with the letter.

On the reverse side is some game involving the letter, for example, on the back side of the letter A card are two apple trees with instructions to draw a circle around all the capital letter A’s written on apples and a square around all the lowercase letter A’s. 

And the activities are all different!  I appreciate the variety, and I know it helps keep my children’s attention longer.  The letter cards also show how to draw each letter with different strokes numbered and given different colors.  This is helpful for children learning to write. 

The remaining letter cards are filled with review games and activities such as matching pictures to the letter that they start with.

The Numbers flashcards cover the numbers 1-20, then 30, 40, 50, etc. all the way to 100.  The first card that my son wanted to do was the 100 card!  He felt so accomplished being able to write 100 all by himself!

The Colors and Shapes flashcards cover basic shapes, such as circle, triangle, trapezoid, heart, diamond, rectangle, and basic colors.  Once again the activities are varied and provide lots of practice for children with drawing, tracing, matching, and writing.

Probably my son’s favorite dry erase activity has been the Tangram dry erase activity book.  While designed for children in first and second grades, my five year old loves to play with it, and I think it offers a fun way for kids to think about and see the world differently as they work to create shapes using the seven tangram pieces. 

The Tangram activity book is also 5 by 7 inches and made from the sturdy dry erase tag board, spiral bound into a 40 page book.  The tangram pieces are flexible plastic that sticks to the dry erase pages.  This is great for riding in the car! 

Some of the pages ask you to trace the pieces, which does leave black marks on the edges, but Mead suggest washing them gently in warm water with soap and the dry erase marks come off. 

The Tangram book, pieces, and dry erase marker fit into their plastic storage case.  And if you get stuck on how to solve one of the Tangram puzzles, you can always take a peek at the back where answers are diagramed.

My children and I have been loving our Mead Dry Erase Flashcards and activities.  They really hold the children’s attention and make car trips pass quickly.  And because they are so fun the kids are asking to do them when we are at home too!

 Appealed to the advertised age range 5
 Instructions were easy to follow 5
 My children played with this multiple times 5
 Small pieces were a problem  4
 Messy*  4
 Would travel well
 Durability  5
 I would purchase this for my family  yes
 I would purchase this as a gift
 Overall rating  5

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest.

*dry erase markers can stain!

Mead Dry Erase Flashcards

Available at Wal-Mart

Price: TBD


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