Maternity Care: Coconut Oil to the Rescue

While moms-to-be eagerly await their new bundle of joy, sometimes they’re faced with the negative aspects of pregnancy – stretchmarks, heartburn, trouble sleeping and more. What they don’t realize is their pantry may hold a secret ingredient to help with all their pregnancy woes: coconut oil. This jack-of-all-trades product is bursting with health and skin benefits that can solve more than one pregnancy or new mom complaint.

Coconut oil can help in six amazing ways on your expectant and post-baby body:

1. Stretch Mark Cream – Save your money on expensive stretch mark creams and reach for the jar of coconut oil. It helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and fade existing ones post-birth because of its vitamin E and moisturizing properties.

2. Relieve Morning Sickness, Heartburn and Constipation – Always check with your doctor first, but coconut oil is an all-natural superfood that can act as a daily supplement, with health benefits ranging from resisting bacteria and viruses to reducing cholesterol. The oil can calm your stomach and clean the bacteria out of your esophagus to soothe acid reflux.

3. All Dried Out – From your hair to scalp  and skin, the discomfort of dryness is another unfortunate pregnancy side effect. Apply coconut oil to the roots of your hair and over your body for a deep replenishing treatment.

4. Pregnancy Break Outs – Acne is easily triggered by pregnancy hormones. Make yourself a DIY facemask using coconut oil and honey. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.

5. Trouble Sleeping? – It’s hard to get a good night’s rest when there’s a watermelon where your belly used to be. Fight dark circles by dabbing coconut oil under your eyes.

6. Nurse the Nipple – The baby’s here, you’re breastfeeding around the clock and your nipples are dry and cracked. Apply coconut oil to soothe tender areas.

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