Make-At-Home Masks For Glowing Skin

Anyone can prepare make-at-home masks for glowing skin with all natural ingredients right from their own kitchen. A facial mask is an excellent way to renew and energize, while also removing dirt, bacteria, makeup and dead skin cells. Some of the most popular mask ingredients include honey, olive oil, apricots, lemons, milk, yogurt and eggs.

Here are some simple homemade recipes for glowing skin:


Some homemade recipes are better for dry skin and others for oily. Apricot masks are better used for dry skin conditions. The easiest way to make the apricot mask is to crush the fruit pulp in a bowl, add one teaspoon of olive oil and mix together. Apply directly to the face and allow time for the mask to dry before rinsing with warm water.

To remove any remaining dead skin and to moisturize, mix melted shea butter and water at a spoonful each to apply after the apricot mask. Leave this on for approximately 20 minutes and then rinse with clean, cold water.

An apricot facial scrub can be used for oily skin, too. Combine the crushed pulp with an egg white, the juice of one lemon, a teaspoon of yeast and a teaspoon of yogurt. Allow the mixture to soak the skin for 25 minutes before rinsing one time with warm water and once with cold.

Lemon + Egg

One of the best-known facials is the simple lemon juice and egg white mixture. It is fine for use on both dry and oily skin. Mix and apply to the skin, avoiding the eyes, and allow it to dry completely. After rinsing with warm water, you’ll understand why people swear by it!

Honey + Strawberry

People with oily skin can appreciate the extraction process of this mask. Use a spoonful of honey, six strawberries and two teaspoons of heavy cream to make the mask mixture. The mask should remain on the face for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.


Oily skin can also benefit from a mask of honey alone. Begin by washing the skin with warm water to open the pores and make the face more receptive to a bond with the honey. Apply the honey and allow drying time before rinsing with warm water again. After your face dries, wash once more with cold water to close the pores.

The best thing of all about these skin care recipes is that they can be used as often as you like without any worry of applying them too often. Homemade recipes with natural ingredients are safe and fun to use, and they promote a healthy complexion!

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