Lorena Canals Rugs: Décor that Gives Back

Interior decorating has always been a big challenge for me. While I love seeing beautiful rooms and have every intention of creating cozy spaces in my own home, I always seem to have trouble finding the right combination of décor. Since we moved into our new home a few years ago, I have been looking for unique pieces to create a personalized and child-friendly living space. The playroom was up next on my list when I was introduced to Lorena Canals rugs.

Lorena Canals has been designing custom children’s room décor for over 25 years, specializing in rugs for the past 12 years. The designer and founder wanted to offer “all the essentials to enjoy elegant and cozy spaces with all the requirements a mother needs for their kids.” Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

The company also pays attention to all the details: Quality of raw materials, dyeing process and manufacturing techniques. The rugs are made in northern India using a hand-tufting technique, which allows for lots of design and color options. Lorena Canals uses only all-natural materials and dyes, making the rugs free of toxic compounds and chemicals and hypo-allergenic.

The rugs were exactly what I needed for a play space – whimsical, colorful, and practical. They are a great thickness, not too thin but not so thick that it makes them a constant tripping hazard. We received the world map rug, a dark gray rug with the world’s land masses represented in white. While this isn’t exactly a teaching tool (my friend from New Zealand realized her country was missing!), it does provide a basic introduction to geography.

The rug is 4’.8”x6’7,” a great size to cover a bit of the floor but not take over the entire room. It rug was soft and comfy on our feet (and hands and knees!) Best of all, the rugs are 100 percent washable. Yes, you can put this rug right in your washing machine!

The rug is made of 100 percent cotton (as are most of Lorena Canal’s designs), so take care to not put it in the dryer to avoid shrinkage. I was hesitant to do it at first, but it washed well. It is nice to know that spills, dirt and stains can be taken care of so easily. Between this wash-ability and the use of all-natural materials, I have no reservations about my children crawling, rolling, running, wrestling, etc. on its surface.

There are many sizes, shapes and designs of Lorena Canal’s rugs available beyond the world map. I have several marked as favorites for other rooms, including the large angel wings for my daughter’s room when we update it for the toddler/child phase. Other designs include polka dots, stars, houses, flags, bears – lots and lots of adorable options in all different colors!

The rugs sell themselves in terms of cute designs and quality craftsmanship. However, an added bonus of purchasing a Lorena Canal’s rug is their Sakula project. Lorena Canals built a nursery in 2008 in northern India to give children a safe place to receive education and a meal each day. They also collaborate with a local public school, donating part of their revenue to completely finance the education of 10 children each year.

I always like to hear about companies giving back to the community, especially for children and education. I definitely recommend checking out Lorena Canals rugs if you are in need of an update to your children’s spaces. Soft, fun and colorful, they fit in the price range of other upscale children’s décor retailers and come with the benefit of helping others.

Lorena Canals Decorative Rugs

Manufactured by Lorena Canals USA


Rugs range from approximately $200-$400

Durability: 5

Ease of Use: 5

Comfort: 5

I would purchase this for my child: Yes

I would purchase this as a gift: Yes

Overall rating: 5

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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