Little Lords and Ladies

 Run, Don’t Walk to this Treasure

of a Consignment Store!



I can just see the headline: Child gets lost in consignment shop while mother shops like crazy!

Okay, perhaps this really didn’t happen, but it could have.

Little Lords and Ladies is a consignment shop—the largest children’s consignment shop—in the Northern Virginia area.  But “shop” doesn’t really do their inventory justice. 

It is really a gigantic, incredibly well-organized warehouse full of previously owned clothes, shoes, books, DVDs, toys, and large items such as jogging strollers and dressers.  I was amazed at the size and impressed with the amount, happy to leave with a few things new to me, and the same two year old I came in with!


What’s a consignment shop?  There are two answers:

First, it is a place where you can take your child’s clothes, books, large items (i.e., toys, strollers, rocking horses) and get a return on the investment that you made on them. You drop items off, and the (friendly, helpful) staff goes through it to make sure everything is in good condition and, for clothes, the right season they’re looking for. 

They price it appropriately; when someone buys it, your account is credited and you get a check for a portion of what it sells for.  Their website is updated to let you know what sorts of things they are and are not taking.

Second, it is a place where you can buy stuff for your kids.  Unlike some other children’s consignment shops in the area, Little Lords and Ladies takes in and therefore sells a full range of clothes—they have four tiers: good, better, best, and designer. 

So you can stock your newborn’s drawers full of just-fine onesies while also buying your 6 year old a she’s-only-going-to-wear-them—but-they-still-need-to-be-nice dress shoes.  Everything is organized according to size—they carry premie baby to juniors’ size 16—and, within the size, things are organized by article of clothing and also color.  There is a separate rack for designer duds such as Lilly Pulitzer and Burberry.

I’m trying to find the words to make you close your computer, grab your car keys, and head to Little Lords and Ladies right now.  Because that’s what you really ought to do!  Here are some facts that might make you do just that:

•    Unlike most consignment shops, they do have a return policy—return your item with receipt and attached tag for a full refund.

•    You do need to schedule your drop-off—but you can do it online, so it’s pretty convenient.

•    There are lots of incentives to shop, and shop often, including punch cards, coupons on their monthly newsletters, discounts for referrals.

•    A small but adequate and clean play area is available for kids to use while their parents/caregivers shop.

•    Locally owned Bows and Beaus is located at the front of the shop; they sell (brand new) handmade and monogrammed items—really nice gift items.

•    This is a family-owned and -operated business, so your money is staying within the community and going to good people.

For some of us, Chantilly is a bit of a drive.  Little Lords and Ladies will make the drive worth your time. 

Consignment shops like this one will save you money, keep our dollars in the local economy, and reinforce all those environmental lessons your kids are learning in school.

Plus, it’s fun!  You never know exactly what you’ll find, so shopping turns into a treasure hunt of an afternoon.

Check it out!  Just make sure to keep dibs on your kids if you bring ‘em along.

Little Lords and Ladies

14088 Sullyfield Circle

Chantilly, Virginia



Convenient  4
Kid Friendly
Price/Affordability  5
Customer Service/Selection
I Would Return  yes
I Would Recommend to a Friend  yes
 Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest.

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