Little Bitty Friends

This book is adorable. It starts off with the author dedicating the book to her child “who saw and loved the little things that only little eyes can see.” That sums up exactly what this book is about…seeing nature through the eyes of toddlers and how they simply adore the tiny things in life.

Since little ones are so low to the ground, they are better able to see the tiny ant crawling or snail slowly making its way across the sidewalk. It’s simply about the wonders of all things little.

My 1-year-old son was engaged throughout the entire book and really enjoyed looking at the illustrations. He kept pointing at each of the children on the page as well as the animals and little critters and would smile.The book contained children of multiple races which I absolutely adored.Each page contained a lyrical rhyme which made the book that much cuter to read.The illustrations are not overly detailed, however the colors and pictures are still cute and easy on the eyes.

This is a perfect bedtime story and can be read in about five minutes or so. I love the ending of the book where the author says “and a giant, giant hug”. I always give Jeremy, my son, a giant hug after we read it. We have read the book about four times and I can say for sure this is one of Jeremy’s favorite books thus far.

I would highly recommend this book to all moms with toddlers. It sweetly details how little ones form the sweetest bond with the tiniest of critters.

Little Bitty Friends

By Elizabeth McPike

Available at Penguin Random House for $16.99 or for $14.29 for the hardcover, $10.99 for kindle e-book or a board book for $6.29.

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Bianca is a first-time mom to son Jeremy and works full-time, on top of being a full-time mom and college student. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, working out and baking.


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