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By Julien Hittle and Jolie Perara

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I looked in the mirror one morning, just disgusted with my baby jelly belly. I am completely frustrated with this stubborn fat because I diet, exercise, and limit my number of cocktails—sometimes. Yet, this belly is still around. I needed to do something.

I wrestled with idea of treating myself to a large piece of chocolate cake, but I knew that would just make things worse. Then, I remembered the ads I had seen, promising a firmer, less lumpy silhouette in 35 minutes. So instead, I impulsively grabbed my Blackberry and made an appointment for a Lipomassage™.

The day finally arrived; it was Lipo-time. I was feeling pretty excited until my masseuse handed me a “body stocking” to wear.  Surely, that body stocking was meant for a six-year-old. How was I going to fit this body into that little suit? With a little tugging and a lot of squeezing, I eventually got my body into that little superhero costume. I was ready to conquer this belly, even though I felt ridiculous.  


The masseuse began to explain that the Lipomassage™ will help release trapped fat cells and toxins, improve circulation and increase my metabolism by using LPG’s mechanical roll stimulation.  At that moment, I knew I was in the right place, and I thought, “Let’s get that machine up and running!”

She began the procedure with a 5-minute warm-up, using the large contraption next to the massage table, which she called the LPG machine. She rolled the Lipomassage™ device over my shoulders, and I was pleasantly surprised how soothing it felt. It reminded me of when my kids were younger, rolling toy trucks across my back; but of course, this felt much better.


 Next, she focused on my target-areas (aka: my jelly belly) to break up the fat cells that were clumped together. The Lipomassage™ device folded and unfolded my skin at various speeds, and it felt like she was vacuuming up my excess “jelly.”  Despite how absurd it may sound, it felt quite nice, and I was finding this experience to be very relaxing.


After breaking up the fat cells, it was time to circulate the blood flow. The Lipomassage™ machine went into smoothing and tightening mode with a slightly softer massage.  Just as I began to drift off into a much-needed siesta, she announced that my Lipomassage™ had been very successful, and that it was time for me to see if my clothes felt less constrictive.

I pulled my pants and they were roomy! I felt great. This was just the type of treat I needed, and it produced much better results than piece of chocolate cake.

Of course, the Lipomassage™ doesn’t replace a good diet and exercise. It is meant to help jumpstart your efforts. The masseuse reminded me that, “Most people see noticeable results within 5-8 treatments, and people usually lose a size or two.” So this might not have been a one hit wonder, but I sure felt great wearing my skinny jeans that night.  

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